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PilyQ swimwear Black luxury swimsuit
PilyQ swimwear
Black luxury swimsuit


€169,95 €140,45
Leonisa swimwear Slimming sexy swimsuit
Leonisa swimwear
Slimming sexy swimsuit


€110,95 €91,69
Leonisa swimwear Classic crossover black swimsuit
Leonisa swimwear
Classic crossover black swimsuit


€105,95 €87,56
Leonisa swimwear Slimming swimsuit with tulle cutout
Leonisa swimwear
Slimming swimsuit with tulle cutout


€105,00 €86,78
Saman tropical wear Fuchsia monokini
Saman tropical wear
Fuchsia monokini


€89,95 €74,34
Saman tropical wear Push up swimsuit moon
Saman tropical wear
Push up swimsuit moon


€89,95 €74,34
Leonisa swimwear Women's swimsuit one shoulder
Leonisa swimwear
Women's swimsuit one shoulder


€110,00 €90,91
Leonisa swimwear Slimming ladies swimsuit
Leonisa swimwear
Slimming ladies swimsuit


€110,00 €90,91
Leonisa swimwear Corrective push-up swimsuit
Leonisa swimwear
Corrective push-up swimsuit


€110,00 €90,91
PilyQ swimwear Strapless luxury swimsuit
PilyQ swimwear
Strapless luxury swimsuit


€164,95 €136,32
Leonisa swimwear Halter slimming swimsuit
Leonisa swimwear
Halter slimming swimsuit


€108,00 €89,26
Leonisa swimwear Slimming swimsuit with mesh stripes
Leonisa swimwear
Slimming swimsuit with mesh stripes


€80,95 €66,90
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Buy women's swimsuits online

Order women's swimsuit online

Get ready to make a splash this summer with the hottest swimwear trends 2024 for women! Whether you're lounging by the pool or heading to the beach, there's no better way to show off your style and confidence than with the perfect swimsuit. From bold patterns and vibrant colors to flattering fits and innovative designs, this season's swimwear options are sure to make a statement. Dive into a world of fashion and embrace your inner beach goddess with the latest trends. Discover the must-have pieces that will keep you feeling and looking gorgeous all summer long. So grab your sunscreen, put on your sunglasses and get ready to turn heads with the season's most stylish swimwear and beautiful bathing suits . It's time to embrace the sun, sand and sea in style!

The swimsuit is back. Where we used to parade around in our bikinis, we now shine in our swimsuits.

In the development of swimwear you see that swimwear not only became more functional, swimwear also became increasingly naked. In the 20th century, a new body culture emerged in which tanned skin was no longer associated with outdoor labor (peasant and working class) but as a sign of wealth. This showed that people had time to travel or relax instead of working in the office or factory.

We have a wide range of various types of women's swimsuits in different styles, sizes, models and colors. Don't know what choice to make? We will help you shine again this summer!

Buy a sexy swimsuit

If anyone says that a swimsuit can't be seductive, they are completely wrong! A beautiful sexy swimsuit or sexy swimwear does not necessarily have to be very naked. A deeply cut back or a beautiful low décolleté with subtle decorations between the cups can just as easily provide a sensual look. For example, consider a strapless swimsuit to show your shoulders. It is possible to find a sexy swimsuit that also provides sufficient support.

The big difference between a swimsuit and a bikini

The swimsuit consists of one part, while a bikini has two parts. This brings some practical advantages that are a bonus. This way, your belly is neatly concealed with a swimsuit. If you don't have the tightest stomach, your pregnancy has left stretch marks or you just don't feel completely comfortable showing so much bare skin, then a swimsuit is the solution. Because swimsuits consist of one piece, they are often tighter than a bikini. This has a slimming effect that can be enhanced by choosing a swimsuit in a dark, solid color or with a vertical, minimalist motif.

What are the advantages of the swimsuits?

1) You can use it as outdoor clothing. If we are girls who don't mind being wet or if our swimsuit dries up immediately because we go to the beach at the hottest time, the swimsuit is our great ally. There is nothing better than going to the beach at 10 am and being able to eat in the same swimsuit at 2 pm in the restaurant next door. All you need is a pareo or a beach skirt and that's it. Most beach restaurants in the world won't let you eat with a bikini top on, just like men can't go without a shirt. Therefore, the swimsuit has an extra advantage.

2) Being able to play sports. When we go to the beach we often come up with completely unexpected plans. Such as diving, jumping from a cliff into the sea or paddle surfing... to experience all these adventures, the swimsuit will without a doubt be your best option. It will not move from its place at any time and you will feel completely free

TIP: Swimwear will remain beautiful for the longest time by rinsing the clothing thoroughly with lukewarm water and mild detergent immediately after swimming and/or sunbathing and then allowing it to dry flat (preferably in the shade).

Which swimsuit if you have a belly?

If you want to feel comfortable and camouflage your belly when choosing a swimsuit, there are several styles you can consider. Here are some tips and suggestions:

  1. Ruffles and pleats: Swimsuits with strategically placed ruffles, pleats or draped material can distract from the stomach area and flatter your figure.

  2. Dark colours: Dark colours, such as black or deep shades, often have a slimming effect and can help make your tummy less noticeable.

  3. Prints and patterns: Choose swimsuits with bold prints or patterns that draw attention away from the stomach area and draw attention to other parts of your body.

  4. Structure and texture: Textured swimsuits, such as ribbed fabrics, can help cover up imperfections and make your figure appear smoother.

  5. Shapewear swimsuits : Some swimsuits have built-in shapewear panels that support and smooth your tummy for a streamlined look.

Which women's swimsuit suits your figure best?

  • Apple figure: You should wear a women's swimsuit that adequately covers and supports your bust; choose one with a full cup and wide ropes
  • Pear figure: You should draw attention to the upper part of your body to balance your figure; You can do this by using a very deep neckline, top boleros and sleeves.
  • Inverted Triangle: You need to accentuate your hips to balance your figure, so you can wear one-piece swimsuits with boleros at the bottom. Avoid prints and lace at the top.
  • Rectangular figure: Wear women's swimsuits that draw or form an hourglass shape on your body; This can be done with design, colors or shape.
  • Hourglass figure: If you have this body type, you're in luck! No matter your size, you can literally have any swimsuit you want because they will all fit you.

How tight should a swimsuit fit?

It is important that a swimsuit fits well and feels comfortable, but the degree of tightness can vary depending on personal preferences and intended use. Here I explain how a swimsuit should fit and what you should pay attention to when choosing the right fit:

1. Comfort: A swimsuit should feel comfortable. It should not be too tight so that it does not restrict your movement or cause discomfort. On the other hand, it should not be too loose, because that can cause unwanted riding up or sliding down while swimming.

2. Control: Many modern swimsuits have built-in control panels or elastic materials that provide light compression. This can help shape and support your body without causing uncomfortable pressure.

3. Chafing: A well-fitting swimsuit should not chafe, irritate or leave red marks on your skin, especially on sensitive areas such as the shoulders, neck or groin.

4. Freedom of Movement: The swimsuit should give you enough freedom of movement to comfortably swim, sunbathe or do other activities without restrictions.

In short, a well-fitting swimsuit should be comfortable and give you sufficient freedom of movement, while at the same time shaping and supporting your body. Try on different styles and sizes to find the ideal fit that suits your body and activities.


Buy stylish women's swimsuits online for the perfect summer look!

Swimsuits have become fashionable again in the past year and offer the ideal opportunity to shine this summer. Are you looking for a beautiful swimsuit that shows off your figure at its best? Discover our extensive collection of swimsuits and find your favorite.

At Magic Hands we have a diverse selection of women's swimsuits , ranging from timeless classics to trendy swimsuits with summer prints. Whether you are looking for the perfect coverage for your bump or simply want stylish swimwear, we also have an extensive range that you can combine as desired.

Are swimsuits with push-up padding available at Magic Hands Boutique?

Absolute! While a swimsuit without padding follows the natural shape of the breasts, a swimsuit with push-up padding or pre-formed cups offers a rounder and better supported breast shape. Whether you are looking for a swimsuit with this extra padding or without, Magic Hands boutique has an extensive women's swimwear collection available.


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