Beach pants

Come get inspired and take a look at the collection of beach pants and beach shorts for women from Magic Hands Boutique

PilyQ swimwear Landon white beach pants
PilyQ swimwear
Landon white beach pants


€145,95 €120,62
PilyQ swimwear Bree boho beach pants
PilyQ swimwear
Bree boho beach pants


€169,95 €140,45
PilyQ swimwear Lace diva malibu beach pants black
PilyQ swimwear
Lace diva malibu beach pants black


€149,95 €123,93
Saman tropical wear Black beach pants
Saman tropical wear
Black beach pants


€55,95 €46,24
PilyQ swimwear Lace diva malibu beach pants white
PilyQ swimwear
Lace diva malibu beach pants white


€149,95 €123,93
Leonisa swimwear Animal print beach pants
Leonisa swimwear
Animal print beach pants


€115,95 €95,83 €75,95 €62,77
Garotas swimwear Black beach pants
Garotas swimwear
Black beach pants


€32,95 €27,23
Saman tropical wear White beach pants coco
Saman tropical wear
White beach pants coco


€59,95 €49,55
Beach pants

Order beach pants online

Nothing is as nice as walking on the beach with loose beach pants. Ideal to ensure that your legs do not burn. Even if you want to take a walk on the beach in the evening and it has already cooled down a bit outside, beach pants are ideal. You can shop different beach pants here!

Long beach pants

Despite the length , long beach pants are very light. This makes the beach pants so comfortable. To keep the beach pants light and airy, light materials such as viscose are used. Especially when it is hot outside, airy pants are desirable. Would you rather wear short beach pants? Which can! You will also find various short beach pants in our range.

Different colors and sizes

In our range you will find different beach pants for women in different colors, sizes and lengths. Combine your black bikini with matching black beach pants to complete your outfit. Do you prefer some color? How about the colorful beach pants or the yellow jumpsuit! This way you will definitely attract attention on the beach and shine with your new outfit.

Use the size chart

Are you interested in beach pants for women , but not quite sure which size you need? No problem! When you measure your hips and waist, you can easily use our size chart. This way you know which size is recommended and there is a good chance that the pants will fit exactly.

Discover the Perfect Women's Beach Pants:

Are you looking for stylish and comfortable beach pants 2024? Look no further, because we have an extensive range that caters for all kinds of tastes and sizes. With us you will undoubtedly find the beach pants that suit you exactly. Be surprised by the diversity of styles, colors and designs that we have to offer. We take you on a journey through our wide range of options.

Which women's beach pants best suit your wishes and needs?

Beach pants are the ideal addition to any body shape. Depending on your activities on the beach, we offer a variety of options. For active beach lovers, we recommend the capri model, for example. This variant ensures that the fabric does not get in the way during sporting activities. But if you are looking for relaxation and tranquility on the beach, wide, loose-fitting beach pants are the perfect choice for you.

Materials play a crucial role in the production of beach pants. To ensure a light and airy experience, our beach pants are often made from materials such as jersey and viscose. These fabrics dry quickly and provide excellent moisture wicking, keeping you always fresh and comfortable, even in warm conditions. Instead of heavy cotton, we offer breathable and functional materials that take your beach experience to the next level.

How can you best combine your beach pants for different occasions?

If you are casual on the go, beach pants in various designs can easily be combined with summer accessories, a light T-shirt and comfortable shoes. If the occasion is more formal, our plain straight leg styles offer a stylish option. Combine them with elegant wedges, a refined blouse and high-quality jewelry for an elegant look.

To help you choose the perfect beach pants, we have put together an overview of various models. This will help you discover which design best suits your personal style and preferences. Whether you have an active beach day in mind or want to relax optimally, our extensive collection offers something for everyone. Enter summer with confidence with beach pants that reflect your personality and comfort.

Order beach pants online at Magic hands boutique

You can easily order beach pants at Magic hands boutique. Place your favorite items in the shopping cart and pay easily via a reliable payment environment. Do the items not suit you? Then return them. Once your order has been placed, your order will be shipped within 1 to 2 business days.

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