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Saman tropical wear Brazilian scrunch bikini bottom in blue
Saman tropical wear
Brazilian scrunch bikini bottom in blue


€52,95 €43,76
Saman tropical wear Triangle bikini top in blue
Saman tropical wear
Triangle bikini top in blue


€59,95 €49,55
Boamar swimwear Lauren swimsuit
Boamar swimwear
Lauren swimsuit


€185,00 €152,89 €75,95 €62,77
Buy your favorite blue bikini online!

Blue bikinis online

Did you know that a bikini in a solid color is better than a printed bikini if ​​you want to optically hide some extra kilos? If you're worried about hiding a few extra pounds, it's best to opt for a design in one neutral color, like our pretty blue bikinis . We are very conscious of this, so almost most of the designs in our collections are made in one tone. In addition to achieving a flattering silhouette, these types of bikinis have a timelessness that makes them unbeatable to passing trends, which is why they are in fashion summer after summer.

The swimwear trends of 2024 already make it clear to those who know the most about fashion that the color of the sea Blue is becoming slowly but certainly the color of next summer

Blue bikinis are ideal for any time of the day, whether you want to go to the beach or to a party. At Magic hands boutique you can buy blue bikinis online in all shapes, styles and sizes, from large cup sizes to small cup sizes, something for everyone.

Wearing bikinis in blue is a classic and very safe option to get a perfect summer look. The color blue is very versatile, thanks to the different shades we can wear it at any time of the year. For example, softer blue tones are perfect for summer and stronger blue tones such as navy blue for winter.

Does a blue bikini suit me?

The color blue is a color that suits every skin tone very well, because you can play with the different shades and look spectacular. For fair skin, strong blue shades are ideal, but that doesn't mean light ones won't work. For dark skin, the contrast should be made with light blue shades.

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