Every body is a bikini body (or swimsuit)! That's why we have selected the nicest scrunch bikinis for you.

Saman tropical wear Luxury scrunch bikini bottoms
Saman tropical wear
Luxury scrunch bikini bottoms


€59,95 €49,55 €25,95 €21,45
Saman tropical wear Black brazilian scrunch bikini bottom
Saman tropical wear
Black brazilian scrunch bikini bottom


€32,95 €27,23

Scrunch bikini bottoms online

A scrunch bikini bottom, also called a scrunch bottom or ruched bottom, is a popular type of bikini bottom that has a special design to emphasize the shape and curves of the buttocks. The defining feature of a scrunch bikini bottom is the gathered or pleated material at the back of the bottom. These folds create a "scrunch" or "ruched" effect, which brings the fabric together and makes the buttocks look fuller and more accentuated.

Scrunch bikini bottoms are often designed with slightly less coverage in the back than traditional bikini bottoms. This can give a more daring and flattering look, and some people find this design attractive because it emphasizes the shape of the buttocks and creates a "heart-shaped" appearance.

Scrunch bikini bottoms are available in a variety of styles and materials, including classic bikinis, string bikinis, and high-waisted bikinis. They are popular with swimmers and beachgoers who like to add some extra flair to their swimwear and like to emphasize their bottom. This type of bottoms is available in different colors, patterns and sizes to suit different preferences and body types.

Where do the scrunch pants come from?

Scrunch pants come straight from Latin America and are specially designed to enhance the buttocks and give them a more rounded look. Designed in Colombia, these pants quickly became extremely popular around the world

Advantage of the scrunch bikini bottoms?

They make the buttocks heart-shaped thanks to the elastic band in the center of the back and the wavy edges give it a very feminine finish. Trendy and hot, the scrunch bottom will become absolutely inevitable this summer and will make anyone who will wear one very sensual.

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