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Whether you prefer a sports style crop top or an off-the-shoulder bandeau with ruffles, here you will find the latest swimwear trends 2024


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Off shoulder

Off shoulder bikini

Have you tried several bikinis over the years and are you now ready for something unique? Maybe the off shoulder bikini top is something for you! The name says it all: the top does not fall over the shoulders, leaving the shoulders bare. This way you expose your skin in a subtle way. This makes this bikini top more unique than the standard bikini top

How does the off-shoulder top stay in place?

You're probably thinking: “Surely an off-shoulder top like that won't stay in place?”. The off shoulder bikini from Magic hands bikini has no closure. You put on the top as if you were putting on a T-shirt. This way the top fits your body and stays in place.

Which size suits you best?

When you measure your chest you can use our size chart. This size chart indicates exactly which size of the off shoulder bikini top you need. This way you can be almost certain that your bikini top fits your body and you can stroll around in your new off-shoulder top.

Buy the off shoulder bikini at Magic hands boutique

You can easily order the off shoulder top via the Magic hands boutique website. Place the item in your shopping cart and easily pay in a reliable payment environment. Your order will then be shipped within 1 to 2 days. You will receive your new bikini in no time! Are you not completely satisfied? Returns are always possible with us, even bikinis on sale

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